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About Moschetti Law Group

We see our clients as Founders. Not just real estate owners. Not just business owners. Founders. Founders focus on long-term vision, sustainable business practices, and legacy that goes beyond one generation. We help our clients achieve that.

When we work with real estate owners, we help them execute and protect their wealth-building plans. When we work with real estate syndicators, we help them go from small, one-time players to respectable investment firms that will proudly display their names on a building. When we work with business owners, we help them make giant leaps to create momentum. Founders do big things. We help make those big things less uncertain. 

All of our clients are heavily invested financially and personally into making the most out of their assets and lives. That’s why we go far beyond our call of duties to help make the experience of owning your investment, operating your business, and planning for the future easier. We help protect your wealth, assets, and legacy. Call us at 818-696-5007 and let us help you address your concerns!

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What We Offer

Estate Planning

Whether you are buying or selling a home or commercial real estate, our Calabasas real estate attorneys can help make sure your interests are protected.

Asset Protection

Our Calabasas CA real estate attorney can help protect your interests whether you are a landlord or a commercial real estate tenant.

Trust Administration

At Moschetti Law Group, our CA real estate lawyers have helped many businesses draft operating agreements to define the roles, responsibilities, and rights of all stakeholders.


Our real estate lawyer in Calabasas, CA can provide you with a full package of agreements, disclosures, and legal services to protect you and your investors.

Tax Planning

Whether you are setting up entities for your real estate or starting a new business, our Calabasas real estate attorneys can form the entities you need anywhere in the US.

Real Estate Transactions

Our experienced attorneys can help you control what you have for as long as you are able, then leave what you want, to whom you want, the way you want, when you want, at the least possible cost in fees and taxes.

Real Estate Litigation

At Moschetti Law Group, you get experienced California real estate & business attorneys and a world-class team who can both broker a real estate transaction and give you legal advice and guidance.


Our experienced Calabasas attorneys can protect the identity and assets of professionals, real estate investors, and public figures to ensure privacy and to protect from creditors and unwanted attention.

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Southern California Real Estate Attorneys

Moschetti Law Group is a leading law firm with rich real estate experience, syndication, business law, and asset protection.

We use the power of law to help our clients harness a different power – the power of real estate to create financial certainty, grow wealth, and build legacies. We are not just lawyers. We are real estate brokers, syndicators, syndication, and business mentors rolled into one source to solve the magnitude of real estate investing and business ownership issues. We have seen it all. We have done it all. We will help you get there faster.

A big vision needs support. The tools. The advice. We give our clients everything they need so that they can swing for the fences with the certainty of a smart, experienced legal team behind them.

While located in California, we work both on a local and national scale. With no limit to the transaction size, complexity, or ambition. We love ushering the big dreams in.
Be a Founder, not a startup!

Real Estate, Business, and Syndication Law Firm in Southern California

At Moschetti Law Group, we are dedicated to helping you protect your wealth, assets, and legacy. We help you build a comprehensive plan to have peace of mind, whether for a real estate transaction, a new business, asset protection, or a real estate syndication company. We serve Los Angeles County, eastern Ventura County, and North Orange County from our office in Calabasas and throughout the United States.

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Learn About Real Estate Syndication

Syndication is the legal path to private equity funding, but it could lead to a breach of SEC rules if not done correctly. We offer a full package of agreements and disclosures, including a Private Placement Memorandum, Operating Agreement, Subscription Agreement to protect you and your investors. We can also provide counsel on how to do the formation.

Our founder, Tilden Moschetti, is also the founder of Altitude Syndication Founder’s Club which provides coaching and tools for those wishing to build real estate syndications.

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Know More About Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions involves particular legal needs and strategies – a mistake in terms of approach can result in huge losses. At Moschetti Law Group, we counsel individuals and businesses through real estate transactions for commercial and residential properties in the purchase, sales, and the entire gamut of investment ventures. Our office is located in Calabasas, and we have a large book of business locally, but we also have successfully represented clients with properties all across the United States.

Our real estate lawyers thrive on helping our clients navigate each transaction with a solid plan of action so that it runs smoothly and maximizes their investments, no matter how complex or the value of the asset. Call us today to get your real estate concerns addressed!

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Our Managing Partner

Tilden Moschetti, Esq.

Tilden isn’t just an attorney and a founder of Moschetti Law Group. He is a real estate owner, an investor, a broker, a founder of Altitude Syndication Founders’ Club, and a General Counsel to two private investment funds. Tilden has created investment syndications and paid investors at liquidation. He has brokered over 800 million square feet of investment sales and managed operations and leasing. Tilden doesn’t just talk the talk—he walks the walk.

Published Books:

Commercial Estate Legal Survival Guide

Creating your Estate Plan


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