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Real Estate Syndication Attorney

and Real Estate Lawyer.

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Real Estate Syndicators: Brokers, Developers, Private Equity Funds

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Attorney Drafted Investment-Grade

Private Placement Memorandums


Business and

Real Estate

Operating Agreements


Real Estate

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Entity Formation

Moschetti Law Group provides legal services and

advise to real estate professionals, ranging from

first-time syndicators to private equity firms:

  • Strategy and execution of a solid legal structure to

ensure the highest degree of protection

  • Advice on Syndicator's compensation structure and the ways to maximize

Syndicator's share of equity and revenue without losing investors

  • Review of the property's underwriting

  • Real-world, experience-based advice on the best practices of

establishing, running, and growing a syndication firm

  • A one-stop trusted source of legal and transactional information in regards to syndication, commercial real estate brokerage, and investment firm's business management.

  • Custom drafted, SEC, CFA, and CAIA-compliant

agreements and disclosures to protect your interests and deliver extra

reassurance to your investors

Whatever your challenges, we've dealt with them and solved them.

Our Managing Partner

Hi there!

My name is Tilden and I specialize in real estate and syndication law.

Although I set up my law practice over eighteen years ago, I'm not just an attorney.

Since 2013, I've brokered over 800 million square feet of investment properties and ran my own syndication firm.

I've lived through every problem that comes with being a syndicator and learned how to run a syndication business without losing money, time, and sleep.

At the end of the day, what matters are three things:

  • have you raised the money you needed to close the deal?

  • will you get paid for all your hard work?

  • will you be protected if there is an inquiry from authorities or a lawsuit?

That's what my law firm is all about.

Making your life easier and your business bulletproof.

Set up your free consultation now and let's have your syndicating!

Tilden Moschetti, CCIM, Esq.

For Custom Investment-Grade PPMs call (888) 606-0990

Here's how I can help you:

As experienced syndicators, syndication coaches, and real estate syndication attorneys, we understand what you want.

A PPM that isn't just good, but great.

This is why we created the:

Investment-Grade PPM

Custom Operating Agreements

to serve as your first line of defense, keeping you on firm ground

in case of a dispute.

Airtight roles, responsibilities, and rights of all stakeholders.

Entity formation anywhere in the U.S.

Formation of entities to create the highest level of protection for your syndication structure, and formation of entities for other kinds of business ventures.

Advice on best practices of syndication business, combining both law and transactional expertise. Custom drafted, SEC, CFA, and CAIA-compliant agreements and disclosures to protect you

and your investors.

Full package of agreements,

disclosures, and legal services to protect you and your investors in every type of business venture.

Negotiation of the best price and terms, review of sales and purchase agreements, oversight of the transactions, legal protection of your rights as a buyer,

seller, and owner.

What clients are saying

Tilden is excellent! He truly cares about his clients.


As a mortgage broker I deal with a lot of real estate professionals. Tilden has always been great to work with - friendly and responsive. Highly recommended!


My experience was very informative and quite excellent!


Tilden, is amazing. His knowledge is only surpassed by his ability to communicate it to his clients.


Tilden is a fantastic attorney with a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer his clients. I highly recommend him.


Top gun! Tilden Moschetti and his associates are amazing! He was very responsive, creative, knowledgeable, thorough, and he persevered until the deal was closed successfully. It was quite comforting knowing Tilden was on my side fighting for me.


An utter professional. Can't go wrong with this choice!


It was a very pleasant experience to work with Tilden. He was professional and provided me with 100% support and guidance! Trustworthy and amazing. Check it out for yourself.


I've run a real estate investment firm for 14 years and came to Tilden with two issues and we got a great result on both. I will definitely work with him again.


Very professional and knowledgable.


Real Estate, Business, and Syndication Law Firm

A law firm, dedicated to providing solid legal advice, guidance, and tools to help protect your assets, resources, and legacy. With access to high-quality, reliable information comes peace of mind. With Moschetti Law Group, you are getting a trustworthy ally in your corner, helping you make the right decisions and offering you advice that's both legal, actionable and based on successful, real-life practices.

We are open 24/7

The team at Moschetti Law Group has been, and will always be, ready to serve clients remotely or in person.


Exceptional service, easy access to the attorney, fast response, and regular updates will help you feel taken care of.


Each client's situation is unique and nuanced. Let's make sure you are getting the best solutions with the least amount of expenses.

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At Moschetti Law Group, our practice serves the needs of Founders by providing real estate law and real estate syndication attorney services to Founders. Whether you are the Founder of a real estate empire or building a business and need assistance with purchase and sales, real estate transactions, or real estate litigation, we serve Los Angeles County, eastern Ventura County, and North Orange County from our office in Calabasas. We also have a primary focus on helping Real Estate Syndication Founders throughout the United States with forming their syndication, understanding crowdfunding, private placement memorandums, and operating agreements.

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