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We Protect and Grow Your Legacy

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About the Moschetti Law Firm

Every client we work with is working on their legacy. 

When we work on an estate plan for a client, we are refining their legacy into something to be handed down for generations. When we work with real estate owners, we are working to protect their legacies. When we work with real estate syndicators, we are building legacies.

All of our clients are heavily invested both financially and personally into making the most out of their assets and their lives. That’s why we go far beyond our call of duties to help make the experience of owning your investment, operating your business, and planning for the future easier. We help protect your wealth, assets, and legacy. Call us at 818-696-5007 and let us help you address your concerns!

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What We Offer

Estate Planning

Best suited for working professionals and families who want to grow their wealth, get asset protection, and plan for the future.

Asset Protection

Best suited for retired professionals and empty-nesters who want to plan for financial and healthcare decision-making, wealth transfer, and asset protection.

Trust Administration

Best suited for professionals with their private practice. Our attorneys will help ensure the privacy of your assets and protect them from creditors and unwanted attention.


Best suited for individuals concerned about what they will be leaving behind. A legacy plan helps you plan for an unexpected incapacity or sudden death.

Tax Planning

At Moschetti Law Group, our attorneys can provide assistance in the probate process for executors or beneficiaries of an estate.

Real Estate Transactions

Our real estate attorneys can help in reviewing your lease, purchase and sales agreements,  and other real estate transactions.

Real Estate Litigation

Our attorneys can help you understand which type of entity suits your business needs, and weigh the pros and cons of an entity solution.


Our attorneys can provide you with a full package of agreements, disclosures, and legal services to protect you and your investors.

Southern California Estate Planning Attorneys

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Southern California Estate Planning Attorneys

The Moschetti Law Group is a leading law firm with rich experience in estate planning and probate, such as creating trusts and, succession planning, and estate administration.

The majority of our clients have specific requirements for managing their assets, protecting their real estate interests, and establishing long-term plans for their estate. We’ve found that there is a tremendous synergy when addressing these needs with an integrated approach.

With clients coming from Calabasas, Los Angeles, and Newport Beach, California, the Moschetti Law Group provides exceptional advocacy and support to property owners like you.

We have a different approach to real estate law, estate planning, and probate than most firms. Your specific needs as real estate owners are our focus. That’s why we’ve dedicated our efforts to Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County property owners, with sound advice and solutions.

Estate Planning, Probate, and Real Estate Law Firm in Southern California

At Moschetti Law Group, we are dedicated to helping you and your family protect your wealth, assets, and legacy. We help you build a comprehensive plan so you can have peace of mind whether it is with an estate plan, asset protection, probate, or real estate transaction. We serve Los Angeles County, eastern Ventura County, and North Orange County from our office in Calabasas.


Learn About Estate Planning

As a property manager, it’s important to have an estate plan that can protect your asset and property. By learning about the ins and outs of estate planning, you can make an informed decision in safeguarding your family’s future.

At Moschetti Law Group, we are ready to share our legal expertise on estate planning and real estate law with you. You can schedule a free meeting with us to learn how you can best protect your assets and and secure your family’s future.


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Know More About Real Estate

Real Estate transactions involve particular legal needs and strategies – a mistake in terms or strategy can result in huge losses. At Moschetti Law Group, we counsel individuals and businesses through real estate transactions for commercial and residential properties, in the purchase, sales, and the entire gamut of investment ventures. Our office is located in Calabasas, but we have successfully represented clients throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

Our real estate lawyers thrive on helping our clients navigate each transaction with a solid plan of action so that it runs smoothly and maximizes their investments, no matter how complex or value of the asset. Call us today to get your real estate concerns addressed!

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Make informed decisions about your estate plan.

Contact our Calabasas, CA real estate and estate planning attorneys today!

California Estate Planning and Real Estate Law Firm

Our Managing Partner

Tilden Moschetti, Esq.

Tilden isn’t just an attorney. He is an owner of commercial real estate, a tenant, a buyer, and a seller. He has created investment syndications and paid investors at liquidation. He has brokered investment sales, managed property, and leased it. Tilden doesn’t just talk the talk—he walks the walk.

Published Books:

Creating your Estate Plan

Commercial Estate Legal Survival Guide


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