The residential real estate market in California is quite expensive, and buying a home, or a vacant lot where you will build your home, is not easy. Experienced Calabasas real estate attorneys can provide comprehensive answers to questions of an aspiring real estate property owner. Additionally, they can help both the home buyer and seller have some familiarity with basic real estate law, and exercise caution and diligence to make sure that negotiations will be smooth.

A first-time homebuyer could be overwhelmed with the process. For both a home purchase and sale of a vacant lot, several real estate professionals will be involved. These include:

Real estate brokers and agents

A real estate purchase, or even negotiating and doing any transaction concerning real estate, would not be possible without real estate brokerage. Whether you are buying and selling a home or a vacant lot, a licensed real estate broker (or licensed real estate agent) will play a crucial role in such a sale or purchase of the real estate.

Real estate agents and brokers will have access to homes that are in the local multiple listing service. Such is necessary whether you are buying or selling property. Their duties as a real estate professional, however, would usually end here.

Home inspector and appraisers

When gathering local real estate information, the location and makeup of the real estate property being sold or bought will factor in. Some considerations would be whether or not the real property needs major repairs or upgrading, if there are issues with sewerage or roofs, or if the vacant lot is flat or not.

When proceeding with a real estate transaction, the services of a home inspector will be necessary for the inspection contingency in the real estate sales contract. Additionally, a would-be home buyer would need a qualified appraiser for the appraisal required by lenders. That is if you would be needing a mortgage loan to purchase your real estate investment.

Other professionals, you need to work with if you are buying a vacant lot

If you are buying a vacant property, keep in mind that you will need help from several other professionals so that you can build your dream home on what seems to be only bare land.

Generally, two professionals on top of the list first are architects and engineers. An architect can create a design for your would-be new home, based on the layout and specifications that you want. Some are overwhelmed with their high professional fees, but getting a good architect is important for you to not have any problems. You would also be needing to coordinate with an engineer, who shall be taking care of your grading plan. If the vacant lot you will buy is not on a sewer, a septic system would be required. Certified professionals are the only ones who can handle such a job.

In addition to the above, you would be needing someone who can assist you with requirements on zoning and land use. You will also need help when getting permits and approvals from the county, city, fire department, and other agencies, which can be quite overwhelming. Remember that no matter how good the location of a vacant lot is, it would not transform into your dream home if you will be allowed to build on it.

Experienced Calabasas real estate lawyers

Note that provisions of real property law are in place for the best interests of both parties involved. When dealing with legal questions concerning real estate, home buyers and sellers should reach out to law offices covering these areas of law. A reliable real property lawyer can provide legal services that you need and help with paperwork involving real estate contract provisions.

On top of giving legal advice, a residential or commercial real estate lawyer can help ensure that any negotiation will comply with all statutes necessary for real estate transactions. A trusted Calabasas real estate attorney can likewise answer your questions on escrow, transfer tax, closings, or real estate title insurance and help you avoid real estate disputes and possibly real estate litigation.

For your real estate needs, contact our law firm. Call our trusted Calabasas real estate attorney at Moschetti Law Group for legal representation and advice.

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