Calabasas real estate lawyers get a lot of questions about home buying and home selling. Given the promise of having a good real estate investment, a lot of people are considering buying or selling a home. Getting legal representation and advice from a real property lawyer can help make this process a lot less stressful.

The Basics

Buying and selling property begins with real estate brokerage. Both when buying and when selling a house, it is the job of real estate brokers (or real estate agents) to jumpstart the home sale. A licensed real estate agent or broker will have access to the local multiple listing service through, and both the home buyer and seller benefit from a truly professional sales agent (just clarify if a dual agency is involved).

Federal real estate law and state law are in place to protect the best interests of both parties involved (real estate buyers and sellers). As with any other real estate transaction, exercising diligence is necessary for a smooth purchase of real estate property. The purchase and sale of a new home must never be taken lightly. Always keep in mind that the real estate market is unlike any other market, and everything must be pursuant to local real estate laws.


Whether you are buying or selling property, a Calabasas real estate attorney can help with negotiations concerning real estate. Down payment and lender mortgages involve a lot of money. Aspiring home buyers, for instance, might need to negotiate with possible lenders for a decent mortgage loan.

Take into account two scenarios. If your business went bankrupt and such information can be seen by the homebuyer in a local newspaper, you have little clout in the bargaining process. In contrast, if multiple homebuyers are clamoring to buy a specific real estate property, dictating an agreement would be impossible. The property owner could simply choose the offer with the best terms and, unsurprisingly, the highest price.

Details of the Deal

A lot of attention must be given to the prices in real estate transactions. Looking at these very closely is crucial to get a really good deal. Take for example two identical real estate properties that each sell for $300,000 on the same day. The houses are similar, there is no difference in the purchase price, but the deals are likely not the same.

One of those selling the property could have agreed to replace the roof, repaint the property, including a new kitchen refrigerator, and settle the first $3,000 of the closing costs involved. The other real estate seller could have wanted to simply sell it and made no such concessions. This means that the other house was sold at $300,000 but with a discount (equivalent to the value of the roof and repainting costs and closing credit). A home buyer would prefer this, while someone selling a house would prefer the second scenario.

Real Estate Assistance

Before selling or buying a home, seek legal advice to avoid any possible real estate litigation. Law offices specializing in these can help you avoid getting tangled with a legal issue under such areas of law.

Before proceeding, talk to a trusted Calabasas real estate attorney about the real estate sales contract. He or she can explain escrow, appraisal, contingencies, closings, and title insurance policy. You can also ask your questions regarding appraiser, home inspector, or homeowners’ association fees, and transfer tax.

For any legal questions involving a real estate sales contract, real estate, and taxation, or for your other real estate needs, call our law firm. Contact our Calabasas real estate attorney at Moschetti Law Group for assistance on home purchase paperwork and legal services from a reliable real estate attorney.

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