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Real Estate Brokerage for Commercial Real Estate:

Attorney & Agent in One

There are many documents to be prepared and reviewed in the transaction around your Purchase & Sales Agreement. While real estate agents or brokers may offer to review or even prepare these documents for you, they are not trained to do so. Nor do they have the license to give you legal advice. This is where it is imperative to engage an experienced real estate attorney.

Like those at Moschetti Law Group, real estate attorneys are experts in preparing and reviewing purchase agreements, listing agreements, offers and counteroffers, loan and escrow documents, and any modifications or amendments. Not to mention, the real estate attorneys at Moschetti Law Group have detailed knowledge of mandatory documents to be submitted in California in particular. Many times our client’s biggest concerns are:

  • How to know their interests are being protected
  • Understand the market and making sure the right price is being paid
  • Be prepared for unforeseen events and conditions

Given the sheer number of documents, laws, and procedures to review and follow, real estate transactions can be complicated. It takes training and years of experience to guarantee that nothing will be overlooked. With the pace of real estate growth in California, the transaction process can be rushed, especially if property owners are trying to sell without real estate lawyers’ assistance. Moving quickly is necessary, but rushing leads to mistakes. Our expert attorneys have the experience required to accurately and rapidly move you through the process around your Purchase & Sales transaction and ensure that you are getting the most out of your time and money.

Roger was the managing partner of a small investment group that owned a portfolio of four buildings on five lots. They were prime properties, and the market was perfect, and it was time to sell. The portfolio all had a problem though; there was a CMBS loan on the whole project with a looming defeasance.

We analyzed Roger and his group’s situation and determined the property would be better off being sold piece by piece. We marketed each building separately and found three owner-users and one investor to buy each piece. We then helped each buyer develop a workable association to manage the lots and shared expenses. Finally, we timed the sale to happen simultaneously to eliminate the need for bridge financing and let the defeasance be paid all at once. Roger had our firm not only as its attorney but as his real estate broker – attorney fees paid entirely out of escrow for the same amount as if they just hired a broker and acted without an attorney.

Common Questions

What about fees?

Most transactions have the attorney paid directly by the client and the brokers paid through escrow at the transaction’s close. Moschetti Law Group combines the role we play to include both legal services and brokerage services. And we take payment at the close of escrow. These means two things for you:

  • You get both an attorney and a real estate broker for the same price as just having a real estate agent
  • If you are a buyer, you probably will not be out of pocket for our fees at all

If I am selling a property, how can you help me?

Moschetti Law Group has an affiliation with SVN – Rich Investment Real Estate Partners. With offices in over 200 locations across the United States and a strong presence internationally, the collaborative culture of the SVN allows our team to share specific, local expertise. Combined, this expertise leverages global market knowledge and local investment insight to enable our investors’ success across all market sectors.

We market a property the same way a qualified real estate agent does:

  • Put up on the Commercial Information Exchanges (e.g., LoopNet, CoStar, MLS, etc.)
  • Create a substantial Offering Memorandum
  • Have people call nearby owners and people in our network

But, we also do things that agents don’t:

  • Strategic Property Positioning – Property positioning is what gets buyers in the door. The vision of future opportunities captures the buyers’ attention, or will they be distracted by minor, unimportant details accidentally emphasized by an agent? We start the process of selling the property by developing its strategic positioning profile. From the way the property is presented to its story (in print, photos, and promotional video), its highlights, to its financials and marketing materials, everything in our sales package gets built around one target: the most likely buyer for this specific property and the unique ways of catching that buyer’s attention.
  • Put together a custom Performance Driven Marketing Program – Performance-driven marketing combines quality exposure to widespread broker and buyer communities with direct marketing to the smaller pools of most likely buyers and accountability to the seller. We understand the need of the property owner to be kept updated on the progress of the sale. Our bi-weekly marketing report quantifies marketing efforts and their actual results.
  • Offer Analysis and Advisory – When multiple offers come in, it can be challenging to decide which is best. Sometimes the one with the highest price tag is not the one most likely to close. Our proprietary Offer Analysis matrix system provides analytical tools to our clients to help them make the best decisions on which offer to accept.
  • We are attorneys. We can help you in a way no real estate agent can – we can give you legal advice on the offers, contracts, title, whatever comes up.
  • Transaction Management Systems – By following a project-based methodology of transaction management, we can drive a deal to closing with less re-trading and more successful closings. Moreover, it cuts the risk of getting missed and needing to put your property back on the market to find another buyer.

Don’t I need an ‘expert’ in the same type of property type?

It helps to have someone with both boots on the ground and product-type expertise, and that is precisely why we are a resource to many of our clients. With our affiliation with SVN, we have created an extended team of the best of the best, experts in every product type, and located in over 200 offices across the United States.

Make informed decisions about your real estate transaction or syndication.

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