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The way a business is formed and governed, often dictates how well the business will perform. Businesses aren’t just formed to exist, they are founded to bring a product or a service to the world and make money for their investors. Many businesses simply gloss over the real requirements that align them to the legal world which either leads to backtracking the work in order to make it right or closing the business all together when it has a challenge which exposes a flaw.

We have helped many businesses come into the world and strategize their path forward. It is an exciting time when our firm gets involved because new futures are being born. At your Orientation Meeting, we will work together to understand the summit you wish to climb and help you pack for the trip.

Client Success Stories

Here are some of the paths that Moschetti Law Group has helped others find:

Amol had been in real estate for 20 years and had done five successful syndications. He had a successful blueprint for the process and was ready to start his sixth deal. The one thing that bothered him was setting up the entities themselves. It took too long, and it was unclear. He didn’t trust an online resource, having been burned in the past.

We set up a simplified system for Amol to get his LLCs and corporations set up and manage his annual reports and agent-for-service process for him. 

George and Remi had known each other since high school. Each had their own separate businesses that grew up over 13 years. Then George and Remi had an idea. There was a project they each wanted to do and each had a lot to contribute to get it done.

We worked with them to draft an agreement on how the venture would work. Each got to define their roles and make sure they understood how all the different contingencies would work.

Alicia had a franchise with 4 stores of a popular fast-food franchise. She found a great new location for a fifth location, but the mall operator’s lease that was presented to her was 90 pages and looked nothing like what was in their letter of intent. 

We worked with Alicia to first make sure she understood every nuance in the lease. We then recommended changes which would make it a fair lease that she could succeed with. Finally, we negotiated with the mall operator and came to an agreement both were happy with.

Amir is one of 3 partners in a thriving medical group. Everything was going perfect for 7 years until Amir had a heart attack. He recovered quickly, but it quickly put the spotlight on a major problem: what would happen to his interest in the medical group if he were to die?

We worked with Amir, and ultimately his two partners, to create a structure where the other two partners would buy the share of the other from the respective estate should one of them die prematurely.

Life happens and unexpected events occur. It is highly recommended that you update your estate plan at least every three years. Moschetti Law Group offers a  365 Legacy Assurance Program that allows for changes, updates, questions, newsletters, and educational opportunities. Contact us to learn more!


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