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For some, the phrase ‘estate planning’ may conjure up visions of established old-money oligarchs planning a dynasty like in the TV shows Succession or Downton Abbey. For others, they may see the matriarch or patriarch in the hospital trying to make changes to their will before they draw their last breath. While neither of these ideas is wrong, they don’t really encapsulate the reality of what role it plays in your life.

Estate planning is creating comprehensive and strategic plans for you to make sure what you wish to happen actually will happen at either the end of your life or if you become incapacitated.

To be truly comprehensive, there are 5 different roadmaps to planning your estate. But don’t think you actually need to choose any particular map. They cross and intertwine, and ultimately, they will all get you to the best outcome (the summit) you are after, and we will guide you along the way. At your Orientation Meeting, we will work together to understand the summit you wish to climb and help you pack for the trip.

Here are some of the paths that Moschetti Law Group has helped others find:

Joe and Mary are well-educated career professionals with an upscale suburban lifestyle. They are extremely busy and work long hours, but their schedules are fine-tuned to meet their three young children’s needs. They are financially savvy; they invest wisely and benefit from interest and dividend income. They take pride in their Calabasas home.

From protecting assets to addressing their young children’s needs in case the unthinkable happens, we customized a solution for their family and peace of mind.

Robert and Jane are well educated, well-read, and well-capitalized. Newly retired, these empty nesters lead an active lifestyle both socially in their Lake Sherwood neighborhood and manage the investment assets they have acquired along the way.

We crafted a solution that focused on asset protection, supporting their children and grandchildren and maximizing their long-term care resources.

Paul was in the entertainment industry for his whole life. It was all he ever wanted to do. He had a fulfilling career climbing the ladder from an intern to a successful producer and screenwriter. As a husband for 40+ years, raising 2 children, and now a grandfather of 5, he also has an equally fulfilling home life. Paul has always been seen as the ‘go-to-guy’ for wit and wisdom.

We worked with Paul to establish a plan for his assets and his legacy. A plan takes the certainty and comfort of his presence in his family and friends’ lives today and projects it into the future to give that same certainty and comfort after he is gone. It takes the wisdom and inspiration that he brings and will extend it well past his actual life.

Laura is a medical professional in private practice. After many years of schooling, she has finally paid off her loans, and her practice is thriving. With little time for anything other than treating patients and being a wife and mother to her family, her biggest fear has been a lawsuit wrongly destroying what she has worked so hard for.

We developed an asset protection plan to shield her assets from frivolous malpractice claims to give her and her family the security it needs to continue to flourish.

Ted has built a real estate development empire for over 30 years. He could retire but showing few signs of slowing down. He is well known and respected both inside and outside of his business life and takes pride in his accomplishments. The business now includes his daughter, son-in-law, and brother, and the company is Ted’s testament to his life.

We developed a plan to preserve the business’s values and vision, and implemented a strategy for its continuity long after Ted is gone.

We can craft a custom solution for you too. Whatever your particular situation is, we will work with you to equip you with the right plan and guide you on your path to climbing the summit. We are dedicated to helping you and your family secure peace of mind and a sure foundation for generations.


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