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We support Family Offices with all of its legal needs.

Family offices have enough to worry about in managing the business itself, they deserve flexible and legal counsel. The Moschetti Law Group can provide your family office corporate counsel part-time, for a specific project, on a monthly retainer, or hourly.

We work with national, international, and offshore companies, and offer our expertise in negotiation, transaction, and litigation. Allow our team to manage the legal aspects of running your business and reduce the time and expense spent slogging through disputes or litigation. Our priority is smooth, efficient transactions and negotiations and informed, expert legal counsel to mitigate any risks to your assets and help you achieve your business and financial goals. Let our attorneys oversee your tax, real estate, and litigation needs, and free up your time to do what your business does best.

Family office general counsel services include:
• Negotiation
o Commercial transactions – no matter how complex
o Contracts, leases, etc.
o Overseeing select transactions
• Business Structure & Partnerships
o Corporation, Limited Liability Companies, and partnership law
o Work-outs, restructurings and bankruptcies
o Structuring and negotiating joint ventures
o Advising on shareholder and partnership issues
o Counseling boards of directors
• Privacy
o Access to Public Records (such as court records)
o Subpoena matters
o Defamation
o Media matters
• Counsel & Litigation
o Advising on retention of outside counsel
o Negotiating outside counsel fees
o Overseeing litigation
o Advising on select transactions and litigations
o Advising on international law

Family offices may be smaller than large corporations, but their operations can sometimes be more complex and include issues that literally run in the family. The Moschetti Law Group will advise on corporate legal issues and oversee retention of outside counsel if necessary, but our team also recognizes and serves the variety of other needs that family businesses may have.

Your office may need to restructure while navigating family politics, or you may need to develop an estate or succession plan. You may even be considering whether to expand outside just the family.

We are your partner in the investment and asset management process. The Moschetti team will develop a personalized strategy to maximize your investments, identify pertinent tax savings, and counsel business, family, and personal planning. As experienced real estate lawyers, we have a unique perspective into estate, tax, and succession opportunities that may be a valuable addition to your family’s current set of advisors.

Services of special interest to family offices:
• Investment
o Real estate and business law perspective on:
 Private investment
 Private equity
 Hedge funds
o Entity selection assistance
 LLC, S-corp, C-corp, holding companies, publicly traded companies
 Trusts / Foundations
o Business formation and growth counsel
 Operating systems
 Growth management
 Capital raising
• Family
o Facilitate conversation on:
 Estate and inheritance
 Tax planning
 Investment planning
o Mediate family disputes
o Review management structures and opportunities
o Dissolution of marriage
o Prenuptial Agreements
• Comprehensive legal services
o Ensure transactions serve the family’s financial interests
o Coordinate with other advisors (accounting, insurance, tax, estate planning, etc.)
o Reduction of liability and identification of opportunity to further investments

The attorneys at the Moschetti Law Group have extensive experience in representing family offices. We built our firm on a set of principles which puts our clients first by providing outstanding representation, aggressive negotiation, and world-class client service and communication.

To provide the very best level of service our Family Office clients deserve, we have a capacity limit of 7 family offices. Presently we have room for only 2 more.

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