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Legacy Planning is an estate planning roadmap made especially for those who are primarily concerned with having an impact that lives long past their natural life. Many times their biggest concerns involve one of the following:

  • How to create a plan for financial and healthcare decision-making in the event they become incapacitated
  • Where to find cost-effective and expedient asset and wealth transfer means upon death
  • How to ensure that their real property, personal assets, and digital properties protected

When you decide to work with our estate planning attorneys here at Moschetti Law Group, we will help you address these concerns and lay out the foundations of a “protected future’ as early as the initial orientation meeting. Whatever concerns you are dealing with, we will make sure to equip you with the right type of plan to help you climb the summit of life. Our Calabasas estate planning lawyers are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve peace of mind and a sure foundation for generations to come.

For example, Paul was in the entertainment industry for his whole life. It was all he ever wanted to do. He had a fulfilling career climbing the ladder from an intern to a successful producer and screenwriter. As a husband for 40+ years, raising 2 children, and now a grandfather of 5, he also has an equally fulfilling home life. Paul has always been seen as the ‘go-to-guy’ for wit and wisdom.

We worked with Paul to establish a plan for his assets and his legacy. A plan takes the certainty and comfort of his presence in his family and friends’ lives today and projects it into the future to give that same certainty and comfort after he is gone. It takes the wisdom and inspiration that he brings and will extend it well past his actual life.

Common Questions

Let’s answer that question with a question: What is the most important thing about a person? The day they die or the years that they lived, that they have loved, that they have inspired?

So think about legacy. Those people who’ve left that legacy for you: your parents, maybe it’s your grandparents, maybe your aunts, your uncles. Maybe it’s your school teachers or maybe it’s people that you’ve only read about. Maybe it’s people you’ve worked with or people who’ve worked for you.

There are thousands of men and women that affect our lives. Estate planning isn’t just about money. And it isn’t just about avoiding probate. It’s about the ongoing foundation of life.

It’s about having an impact that lives on.

We believe, and you may too, that it’s responsible to leave a legacy. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have evolved.

With each generation, we are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors. Leaving a legacy is one more set of giant’s shoulders for the human race.

Some tools that may be used in a legacy plan could include:

  • Videos and letters – To give certainty and comfort to those left behind.
  • Photographs and family trees – To give future generations a sense of where they have come from.
  • Biographies – To share your accumulated wisdom.
  • Burial instructions – To relieve your family of figuring out what you’d have wanted and given them a place to connect with your memory.

Maybe, it is right for some people, but not right for others. Some clients want support to plan and share their legacy, and others do not. It is entirely up to you – no judgment either way from us.

Estate planning is about passing that money onto the people you care about and protecting it to make sure it lasts. Legacy planning is non-legal by its nature. Many clients find it helpful to combine them for convenience for their loved ones.
As often as you like. The tools we have are yours to use. Our firm offers 365 Legacy Assurance Program that allows for changes, updates, questions, newsletters, and resources.

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Providing Individuals With the Correct Legacy Planning Tools

  • Videos and Letters
  • Photographs
  • Family trees
  • Biographies

  • Burial instructions

At Moschetti Law Group, we offer our legal expertise and experience to help you plan for your family’s future using different legacy planning tools. Whether you’re thinking of giving comfort to family members left behind, educating future generations about where they came from, sharing your wisdom, and leaving specific instructions about how to preserve your memory, we are here to guide you. Together, we will protect your family and the ones closest to you by preparing for what the future holds.


The Legacy Plan For You

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