If you’re a victim of real estate fraud, you need a real estate attorney that you can trust.

Real estate fraud may come in the form of predatory lending practices or misrepresentation of income and assets on a loan application. It may be perpetrated on the side of the industry professionals looking to make cash off the deal, or by the homebuyer looking to secure a real estate asset. Victims of real estate fraud need reliable legal counsel and representation from an experienced real estate attorney. Contact Moschetti Law Group today to discuss your situation and get the representation you need.

As the victim of real estate fraud, you may lose confidence in the real estate transaction process and the advisability of any pending agreements and transactions you have yet to complete. It doesn’t matter if your role was buyer or seller, owner or tenant, borrower or lender—victims of real estate fraud need trustworthy, expert legal counsel. The experienced real estate litigation attorneys at Moschetti Law Group have addressed a wide variety of real estate fraud dispute cases, including:

Mortgage fraud

These cases involve misrepresentation or omission of legal details in a mortgage agreement. Mortgage fraud can be perpetrated by the homebuyer, the seller, or the lender.

Escrow scams

The most common escrow fraud these days takes place online. A scammer will create a fraudulent escrow service, and the buyer will send them money, thinking that it will then be passed on to the seller. The fraudulent escrow service simply never delivers the money, and the buyer is out a significant sum of cash.

Purchase fraud

In these transactions, the buyer uses a fraudulent form of payment to purchase. Although the transaction looks fine at the outset, the seller never receives their money.

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Sale fraud

Fraudulent sales of property made by someone other than those with the right to sell are more frequent then you would imagine. Sometimes it is a family member who didn’t know but should have, that they didn’t have this right. Other times it is just outright theft.

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Bank extortion

When a bank threatens an individual with loss of property or assets through intimidation, blackmail, or even violence, that is extortion—and it is a form of real estate fraud.

Mail fraud & wire fraud

Both mail and wire fraud are federal offenses in which the perpetrator uses the mail system or wire transfers to scam someone out of their money or property.

Misrepresentation of title

Misrepresentation happens when, either by lie or omission, facts about a property are misrepresented on a title. Most often, these involve details surrounding the condition of the property to be sold.

Slander of title

In slander of title cases, someone has published untrue statements about the property or the property owner that could negatively affect its value.

No one deserves to suffer the effects of real estate fraud. The attorneys at the Moschetti Law Group represent high net-worth individuals, private equity firms, and family offices, and we can help if you have been the victim of real estate fraud. We built our firm on a set of principles that puts our clients first by providing outstanding representation, aggressive negotiation, and world-class client service and communication.