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Tilden Moschetti, Esq.

Managing Partner, Moschetti Law Group

Tilden Moschetti, Esq. is the lead attorney and founder of the Moschetti Law Group, PC.

Clients who work with Tilden and his law firm know they are not hiring just any lawyer: he holds an MBA in addition to a law degree, is a CCIM – Certified Commercial Investment Member (a preeminent certification for real estate finance professionals), and has advanced financial analysis training that allows him to offer clients a clear view on the economic decisions they are making. He also provides clients the benefit of his extensive experience working with very high net worth individuals and Fortune 500 companies such as HP, Cisco Systems, Adobe, and McKesson.

Tilden is a highly regarded expert in real estate syndication, real estate law, and business law. He has been featured on NPR, NBC News, People Magazine, the National Law Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Los Angeles Business Journal. He is a sought-after public speaker on real estate and syndication issues, and his books have won the prestigious Legal Excellence Award for Literature.

Known for his ability to successfully work with entrepreneurs, property owners, celebrities, and business leaders, Tilden has created stellar deals for his clients in good economic times and bad. His clients have come to depend on Tilden’s integrated approach in which every transaction is a part of the larger picture: meant to maximize the client’s position while increasing his or her net worth.

Our Expert Qualifications

  • J.D., Law, University of San Francisco School of Law

  • Certified Commercial Investment Member

  • MBA in Business Administration and Strategic Planning

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Real Estate Syndication Lawyer With Real-World Experience

Tilden gravitated to finance and the preservation of wealth from an early age. His speech at his 8th-grade graduation was about the stock market and how the rules of capital growth applied to growth through school. In law school, his thesis “Step-Ups in Basis for Inherited Offshore Properties” analyzed tax, asset protection, and money preservation issues. The finance aspect has always been of interest as well. Tilden has pursued additional knowledge by earning a Series 7 license (no longer active) and education from the CFA Institute.

His entry into real estate syndication came when a colleague asked if they should/could syndicate a deal. The deal was excellent and Tilden said, "sure." As he grew in experience he developed a system for syndication and now not only syndicates properties for himself, but for law clients, and as a mentor to syndicators through the Altitude Syndication Founder's Club.

Real Estate Law Firm with Legal and Brokerage Expertise

Tilden found himself working with clients in challenging situations that could have been avoided if the original contract or lease addressed the crucial points. This insight helped Tilden find the areas where parties to real estate transactions most needed legal help.

It has been his experience that those clients, who previously relied on the advice of friends or well-meaning real estate agents instead of a trusted attorney, often found themselves with lesser outcomes, greater exposure to liabilities, and even unnecessary litigation.

Tilden’s advice is always real, practical, and, of course, legal. He is painstakingly vigilant about protecting his clients’ assets and providing advice that serves his clients’ whole financial picture.

Make informed decisions about your real estate transaction or syndication.

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Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Tilden isn’t just an attorney. He is an owner of commercial real estate, a tenant, a buyer, and a seller. He has created investment syndications and paid investors at liquidation. He has brokered investment sales, managed property, and leased it. Tilden doesn’t just talk the talk—he walks the walk.

Tilden knows firsthand the stress that property owners feel. Whether it is needing to get the lease right to make sure the tenant stays liable, litigating against a defendant who stubbornly demands too much, or having investors counting on the syndication to have stable passive income, he has been there too.

Why Real Estate Law?

Tilden Moschetti started his practice almost two decades ago in family law litigation, which made him realize rather quickly that his philosophy of building people up instead of breaking them down through divorces and lawsuits wasn’t the area in which he wanted to build his law practice.

Another insight came out of his family law practice: once the issues of kids’ custody were resolved, the chopping block’s main asset was always real estate. Real estate as an income asset. Real estate as a source of financial security. Real estate is a source of significant disruption when not handled properly.

Tilden shifted his focus into real estate law and asset protection, gaining recognition in the business as a “lawyer and a broker who gets the most complex deals done.” In his own words, “Now I get to serve my clients in the area of practice that helps them with their dreams – wealth building.”

The most significant benefit to Moschetti Law Group’s clients comes from a broad landscape of real estate issues that Tilden got to solve over these last two decades. It’s like having every tool possible to tackle anything that life could throw at you.

Another dimension of work that came out of real estate practice is syndication. Tilden loves working with ambitious business people who want to take their real estate craft to a new level and deploy a much bigger vision – going from buying and selling real estate to founding real estate investment firms. This practice area continues to be off-limits to the 99.9% of operators in the real estate arena. Tilden Moschetti offers a concrete plan, tools, and legal support to take one’s dream of becoming a syndicator to an actionable reality.

Tilden is also a founder of Altitude Syndication Founders’ Club. He coaches syndicators on every aspect of the business, shaving off years of unnecessary struggle with Syndication Business Implementation’s tried-and-true system.

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At Moschetti Law Group, our practice serves the needs of Founders by providing real estate law and real estate syndication attorney services to Founders. Whether you are the Founder of a real estate empire or building a business and need assistance with purchase and sales, real estate transactions, or real estate litigation, we serve Los Angeles County, eastern Ventura County, and North Orange County from our office in Calabasas. We also have a primary focus on helping Real Estate Syndication Founders throughout the United States with forming their syndication, understanding crowdfunding, private placement memorandums, and operating agreements.

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