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From the desk of Tilden Moschetti, Esq.

Dear Syndicator,

Whether this is your first syndication, or you are looking to level up your existing syndication business into a private equity firm, or even a REIT, you've come to the right place.

I've helped hundreds of real estate agents, brokers, developers, and architects get their syndications funded, by delivering the biggest needle movers for their business.

Here’s why syndicators come to me.

They've tried doing it on their own and it backfired.

Syndication is not a business of learning from your mistakes.

A mistake in syndication would have you fined and possibly thrown in jail.

And those people who gave you bad advice?

They'll keep whatever money you've paid them and will never get persecuted because they've protected themselves with a disclaimer in a minuscule font "Consult your attorney."

Here's who I help:

  • Syndicators who are frustrated with all the bad advice and want straight answers.

  • Real estate professionals who know how much they can lose if they start raising money and do it wrong. Yes, you could go to jail.

  • Syndicators who feel stressed about their documentation, and whether it would raise red flags with the authorities.

  • Real estate professionals who want to maximize their returns, yet do it in a legal way.

  • Real estate entrepreneurs who want the Fort Knox of legal protection and PPMs that deliver that.

Whatever made you search for a syndication attorney today, I’ve got you covered.

From getting answers to the deal-specific questions to having your underwriting and fee schedules reviewed, to checking stuff off your must-do list (entity formation, the full package of syndication agreements, filing of Form D), you can safely say that you’ve found the attorney who will do it all.

Plus, you’ll have another set of eyes on your project, making sure you are taking the best route forward.

So you can stop worrying.

Remember, I’ve got you.

Biggest Mistakes That Cost Syndicators Money:

Thinking that SEC has a different set of rules for those who

'didn't know', or 'relied on bad advice off the internet, 'misunderstood the rules'.

Not putting everything in writing.

Not encapsulating the risks sufficiently.

Not making their syndication packet bulletproof

by including all the copies of the agreements,

all of the leases,

all of the marketing materials,

all of the projections.

Five Reasons

To Hire Tilden Moschetti as Your Syndication Attorney

My Done-By-The-Managing-Partner Guarantee

When you hire an expert attorney, you expect that the work will be done by that attorney, right? Here’s my guarantee: I won’t farm you out to junior associates or paralegals. This means you weren't be exposing yourself to the mistakes of an experienced person or someone who goes off the templates. When you schedule a call with an attorney, it will be me answering your questions. When you hire me to draft your PPM or any other legal documents, it will be me doing the work. Here’s why: syndication is not a cookie-cutter business. There’s no place for fill-in-the-blanks templates. To turn every syndication into a massive success story requires hands-on expertise both in securities law, in syndication business, and in the real estate business. There isn't another attorney out there who's got all three. This brings me to my next point.

I’ve been (and still am) in your shoes

I’m more than just an attorney. I’ve been practicing law since 2004. I became a commercial real estate broker in 2013. I started syndicating commercial real estate in 2014. I have been on all sides of a real estate transaction in every possible role: attorney to buyers and sellers, broker to buyers and sellers, sponsor, syndicator, investor, owner, landlord, general counsel to private equity funds. I have raised money for $3 million deals and for $100 million deals. I have dealt with every possible scenario and have an unbeatable track record of solving tough legal and transactional problems. And more importantly, I know exactly which problems you are facing at every stage of your syndication journey and I want to help you avoid costly mistakes along the way.

I advise on the syndication business

I advise clients that range from first-time syndicators to private equity firms. By hiring me, you get access to a vault of knowledge that comes from eight years in the trenches of the syndication business. Do you need advice on the best practices of running and growing a syndication business, marketing to qualified leads, latching investors, putting the most advantageous sponsor fee structure in place, and getting your deal funded? All while creating a wall of protection for this specific deal and for your business as a whole? I will make sure you get that. There is a snowball effect in the syndication business. Because every deal sets you up for your next syndication. Do it right by using industry-proven methods and you'll earn investors' trust, making them eager to invest with you in the future.

The highest degree of protection

A badly executed deal can haunt you for years. The statute of limitations on securities fraud is five years from when the offense occurred. That’s five years of worry and exposure to possible lawsuits. This is why I deliver compliant, accurate, and credible documentation and disclosures in accordance with the models of the best practices as set forward by the SEC, the CFA Institute, and the CAIA Association. I practice vigilance and I advise my clients on what vigilance looks like at every stage of their syndication process.

Done on your timeline

I know how much pressure you are under. That's why I deliver working drafts within two weeks of our planning session. And if you need your syndication documents faster than that, then an expedited service is also available. Since I won't farm out your work, reserving your spot in my cue will ensure you won't miss any deadlines and won't need to pay for expedited service. There is a limited number of clients I take on each month, which I'm sure you'll appreciate. Once you hire me, you'll have my undivided attention.

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