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A good Purchase & Sales Agreement can save you from wasted time and money.

Every Purchase and Sales Agreement represents a substantial change to your balance sheet. For a Seller, they will be divesting from a property they know well into cash or a new property through a 1031 exchange. For a Buyer, they are new to this property, and no matter how experienced they are in real estate, there is a lot to know.

The Purchase and Sales Agreement details the rights, responsibilities, representations, and warranties to make sure that the transaction is fair to both parties. While most transactions (for both residential and commercial real estate) use standard forms, it is rarely the case that these generic forms are designed perfectly for any given transaction.

There are many pieces to the Purchase and Sales Agreement puzzle and we help you navigate the contract, including which parts are critical for your success and which are less important. We also will educate you on what the entire transaction should look like given the Agreement.

Mr. Moschetti has been representing buyers and sellers of both commercial and residential real estate for over fifteen years. See our offer below on how we can address your specific needs.


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