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Commercial Real Estate Holdings Can Complicate Dissolutions. We Can Help.

In most cases, partners go into real estate to support each other and maximize business potential while sharing investment cost and day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, the dreams of ‘synergy’ and a ’balanced work-load’ sometimes turn into a nightmare of animosity and you doing all the work. Other times, for one reason or another, key stakeholders may need to pull out of the agreement. Or changes in life and business situations require a shift in a corporation’s organizational structure and its partnerships. When this happens, investors go through what we call a “partner dissolution,” or more colloquially, a “business divorce.”

Sometimes too, the partners can be partners in life as well as business. Married couples may have as their largest community property asset a portfolio of commercial property that needs to be divided as well as terminating the marriage.

These dissolutions can lead to undesirable outcomes like losing business opportunities, income, equity, and even facing increased tax expenses. Not to mention the personal considerations that sometimes play a part in a business divorce or marital dissolution. When these have significant commercial real estate holdings, that is where the Moschetti Law Group comes in.

We walk partners through the complicated process of dissolution. We understand what is at stake financially, professionally, and personally for all partners involved. Our expertise includes:

  • Dissolution of professional practices, business partnerships, and corporate spin-off operations with commercial real estate holdings
  • Dissolution of marriage for couples with a portfolio of commercial real estate
  • Disputes between investors and shareholders, or regarding property ownership
  • Commercial real estate lease responsibilities
  • Litigation for breaches of contract
  • Business debt collection

The attorneys at the Moschetti Law Group have helped our clients through dissolutions as small as $1M annually in sales to $50M annually. Our experience means that we will be able to guide you smoothly through your business dissolution or dissolution of marriage no matter the size or the complexity of your situation. We will help you preserve assets and minimize negative effects on your equity and bottom line.

The process itself can take on many forms, depending on your needs. The attorneys at the Moschetti Law Group have litigated, arbitrated, and mediated situations probably very similar to yours. We are zealous advocates for our clients, but we also have a background that includes collaborative practice, coaching, and negotiation.

We know this may be a stressful time, and our team is dedicated to providing empathetic and expert advice on how to reach amicable resolutions with fair and equitable division of assets. Keeping in mind that there will also be liabilities to share, our attorneys make recommendations designed to preserve the best financial, professional, and legal outcomes of the situation.

The attorneys at the Moschetti Law Group have been representing high net-worth individuals, private equity firms, and family offices for over 16 years. We built our firm on a set of principles which puts our clients first by providing outstanding representation, aggressive negotiation, and world-class client service and communication.

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