Real Estate Transaction Law and You

Real Estate transactions involve particular legal needs and strategies – a mistake in terms or strategy can result in huge losses. At Moschetti Law Group, we counsel individuals and businesses through real estate transactions for commercial and residential properties, in the purchase, sales, and the entire gamut of investment ventures. With offices in Calabasas, Los Angeles, and Newport Beach, California, we represent clients throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

Our real estate lawyers thrive on helping our clients navigate each transaction with a solid plan of action so that it runs smoothly and maximizes their investments, no matter how complex or value of the asset.

The following highlights illuminate various elements of real estate transaction law and how Moschetti Law Group may be of assistance throughout your investment journey.


A real estate lease is a legal document covering the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the parties involved. Regardless of which side of the contract you find yourself (landlord’s or tenant’s), signing a contract will create a legally binding agreement between you and the other parties involved. Choices will need to be made and terms negotiated. Moschetti Law Group can help ensure that all aspects of that agreement make sense for your unique situation and investment goals. Contact us to schedule a strategy session today.

Purchase & Sales Agreements

Every Purchase and Sales Agreement represents a substantial change to your balance sheet. Sellers will divest themselves of a property they know well and converting it into cash or a new property through a 1031 exchange. Buyers are new to this property, and no matter how experienced they are in real estate, there is a lot to learn about how it works. The real estate lawyers at Moschetti Law Group help buyers and sellers make the most of each Purchase & Sales Agreement. Contact us to discuss your Agreement today.

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1031 and other real estate tax issues

A tax-deferred exchange, or a 1031 exchange, allows an investor to defer capital gains tax on properties that are not bought and sold but exchanged. The exchange type gets its name from the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 that allows this transfer of properties used in trade, business, or investment. A wrong move can have irrevocable consequences, and only an attorney can advise you and guide you through the pitfalls. Moschetti Law Group understands the ins and outs of section 1031 and has walked clients through the path many times. Contact us to discuss your 1031 exchange today.

Due diligence

Due diligence includes reviewing all items in the PSA, leases abstracts, review, and analysis of the operating statement, zoning and use, and potential problems and pitfalls. Buyers often overlook something that could make all the difference. Since most buyers acquire assets for their future financial benefits, our due diligence process answers the two main questions for the buyers: 1.) Is the investment worth the money I will be paying for it today? And 2.) Will the asset continue producing at the same or higher capacity once the acquisition is complete?

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Land Use

California land-use laws can be intimidating for real estate buyers and developers. Regulations require planning processes that involve city councils, boards, and the approval of many parties that may include local government and environmental groups. The Moschetti Law Group has relationships with these agencies and experience that helps facilitate the process. Contact us to discuss your Land Use questions today.

Joint Ventures

In real estate, a joint venture brings together two parties in active investment. The joint venture may be recognized as its own entity for tax purposes and would not be considered a security, nor would it be subject to securities laws. Given the potentially complicated legal nature of joint ventures, it can be helpful to have an experienced real estate attorney on your side to help clarify the capital contributions, profit distributions, and management strategy for this undertaking. Contact Moschetti Law Group to get expert legal advice on your Joint Venture today.


Real estate financing can be complicated as it incorporates various financing structures, lenders, loans, and borrower and investor needs and goals. Our real estate attorneys at Moschetti Law Group have experience in all facets of real estate finance, and our Managing Partner holds an MBA with additional expertise as a commercial real estate broker and financial analyst.

Foreclosure Buyers’ Representation

As job structure and job certainty has been affected in recent months, foreclosures are a reality faced by many individuals and families across the country. Foreclosures also represent an opportunity for buyers, including those who might have otherwise been financially unable to pursue their real estate dreams. Moschetti Law Group has extensive experience representing buyers in the purchase of a foreclosed property. Contact us today to discuss the buying opportunities waiting for you.

Transactional advice in ‘for sale by owner’ (FSBO) matters

Properties move quickly in California real estate. An excellent real estate attorney can help ensure that nothing is overlooked in the transactions process. If you are selling your property, the Moschetti Law Group can help you navigate contracts, agreements, and tax laws specific to California. Contact us for sound, expert advice on your FSBO transaction.