A good real estate purchase agreement can save you from wasted time and money.

Every Purchase and Sales Agreement represents a substantial change to your balance sheet. A Seller will be divesting him or herself of a property they know well and converting it into cash or a new property through a 1031 exchange. A Buyer is new to this property, and no matter how experienced they are in real estate, there is a lot to learn about this particular property, and a lot to know about making a good Agreement.

The Moschetti Law Group’s experienced real estate lawyers can ensure that your Purchase and Sales Agreement truly represents your interests in addition to being timely and legally sound. Schedule a no-obligation strategy session to discuss your real estate purchase and sales agreement today.

The Purchase and Sales Agreement details the rights, responsibilities, representations, and warranties of the transaction to ensure that it is fair to both parties. While most transactions (for both residential and commercial real estate) use standard forms that cover all of these elements, it is rarely the case that these generic forms are designed perfectly for any particular transaction. Your real estate transaction, financial situation, and investment goals are unique, and so your agreement should be, too. Real estate attorneys at Moschetti Law Group design a Purchase and Sales Agreement tailored to your specific situation and needs. They provide a detailed review of the agreement advise you based on years of experience and knowledge of the real estate market, trends, and laws in California.

As you’ve seen, there are many pieces to the Purchase and Sales Agreement puzzle, and we help you navigate the contract, including the determination of which parts are critical for your success and which are less critical. As your legal partners through the agreement process, we will strategize with you on the following areas and more:

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We will also educate you on what the entire transaction should look like given the Agreement – from opening escrow to exchanging the keys. Knowing what to expect makes your experience smoother and less stressful and gives you the confidence to make a sound financial move for your business or individual goals.

Here is how an experienced commercial real estate attorney will help your side of the deal:

  • We put time on your side. When appropriately managed, deadlines are negotiated and met, but we will act as a buffer, so time pressure isn’t making a rash decision that could cost you. Deals don’t die due to small amounts of time. The sales that do die were not realistic from the beginning.
  • Ensure that your side and your interests are represented. That’s the difference between just crossing your fingers versus confidence that lets you sleep well at night.
  • Understand your obligations without exposing yourself to unnecessary liabilities.
  • Avoid future lawsuits over misunderstandings, errors, or omissions.
  • Have a second and objective pair of eyes to look over your deal and mitigate the effects of time pressures or outside stressors.
  • Foster confidence in your investment, lease agreement, and transaction.

There are many documents to be prepared and reviewed in the transaction around your Purchase & Sales Agreement. While real estate agents or brokers may offer to review or even prepare these documents for you, they are not trained to do so. Nor do they have the license to give you legal advice. It is imperative to engage an experienced real estate attorney.

Real estate attorneys like those at Moschetti Law Group are experts in the preparation and review of purchase agreements, listing agreements, offers and counteroffers, loan and escrow documents, and any modifications or amendments. Not to mention, the real estate attorneys at Moschetti Law Group have detailed knowledge of mandatory documents to be submitted in California in particular.

Given the sheer number of documents, laws, and procedures to review and follow, real estate transactions are complicated. It takes training and years of experience to guarantee that nothing is overlooked. With the pace of real estate growth in California, the transaction process feels rushed, especially if property owners are trying to sell without the assistance of real estate lawyers. Moving quickly is necessary, but rushing leads to mistakes. Our expert attorneys have the experience required to accurately and rapidly move you through the process around your Purchase & Sales transaction and ensure that you are getting the most out of your time and money.

The Moschetti Law Group specializes in strategy and counsel for California real estate transactions. We have experience in all types of sales, including FSBO, short sales, and foreclosures, in residential and commercial real estate. We have prepared all manner of California’s real estate documents.

The Moschetti Law Group can prepare these California-specific real estate documents and more:

  • Residential purchase agreements
  • Commercial purchase agreements
  • Counterproposals
  • Disclosure statements
  • Contract amendments
  • Contract addendums
  • Environmental assessments
  • Releases of liability
  • Landlord/Tenant forms
  • Deeds of trust
  • Real estate partnerships
  • And more

If you are buying or selling commercial real estate or your place of residence, having an attorney prepare or review your contract can give you peace of mind about your transaction. Set up a free, no-obligation strategy session by clicking here or calling us at 818-696-5007.


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