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Real estate is an investment asset class where identifying and mitigating risks can mean the difference between adding tremendous value and losing it all in foreclosure. The lifeblood of real estate are the transactions that support them – the leases, the purchases and sales, the entities that hold title, and the financing that makes it all possible. The best way to avoid litigation in real estate is to get the transaction right. A mistake in terms or strategy can result in huge losses.

Our focus in real estate is transacting to create value. While each transaction is different, we have been down each road with clients, and on behalf of ourselves as investors and syndicators. At your Orientation Meeting, we will work together to understand the road you are on and the best outcome (summit) you wish to climb and help you pack for the trip.

Most of the time, our clients are on one of four different roads for which we craft a custom solution:

The lease agreement transactions that go smoothly don’t cause any notoriety; all the parties are happy in the end. The problem is when transactions go wrong. The main question in the case of a complex transaction becomes, will yours be the side exposed to the most liability? We want to do everything in our power to protect you if a problematic legal situation does arise.

Every Purchase and Sales Agreement represents a substantial change to your balance sheet. A Seller will be divesting him or herself of a property they know well and converting it into cash or a new property through a 1031 exchange. A Buyer is new to this property, and no matter how experienced they are in real estate, there is a lot to learn about this particular property, and a lot to know about making a good Agreement.

For any business, the entity itself, the LLC or Corporation that holds title to the property, is part of the foundation of the success of the overall project. The correct entity type and formed in the correct manner can have a significant impact on its ultimate success and the personal liability of its founder or members. While there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of entity, we have found that clients often misunderstood. Many times they think they must have an LLC or an S-Corp. Each means different things in terms of personal liability for businesses’ debts, tax liability, formation cost, and book keeping requirements.

Syndication is the legal path to private equity funding, but it could lead to a breach of SEC rules if not done correctly. We offer a full package of agreements and disclosures, including a Private Placement Memorandum, Operating Agreement, Subscription Agreement to protect you and your investors. When reviewing a client’s marketing package, Moschetti Law Group focuses on areas that will increase their ability to raise capital. This can mean suggestions for improving elements of the package from the perspective of a potential funder. We are experienced with marketing packages geared toward generating capital through private or public funding sources, including real estate crowdfunding.


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