Lease Renegotiation for Landlords

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Lease Renegotiation for Landlords


With the lease renegotiation package for landlords we will negotiate directly with the tenant’s representatives after discussing with you your goals. You will be in control of the decision making process, but will have an experienced negotiator working on your behalf to assert your interests. We will review the entire lease and provide you with a comprehensive report on every clause. We will also put together a package to describe the tenant’s actual financial situation. We will also find comparable lease rates to give you the knowledge of what is going on in the market and so you can look objectively at your options.

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Once you have made the payment, you will be prompted to review a representation agreement between you and the Moschetti Law Group. This step ensures that there is clarity as to your rights as a client, as well as the scope of the representation.

Your account won't be charged for the services, until the Moschetti Law Group countersigns the representation agreement, making sure both parties agree to the transaction.

Upon receipt of the countersigned agreement, you will be given a secure link to upload your lease document. At that time we will also schedule a phone call to establish our goals, discuss your priorities and strategize their achievement.

The charge for lease renegotiation is $2,950. This service is designed for landlords who are faced with the tenant’s request to lower their rent. It is our assumption that you are satisfied with the tenant overall. A good tenant is worth keeping and negotiating with. As in any situation, where a possibility of the change in terms of the original contract is involved, it is crucial to ensure that the change does not lessen the burden of tenant’s contract liability and that the landlord is not exposed to higher financial or litigation risks.

Here what is what Moschetti Law Group will strive to accomplish through the process of re-negotiation:

  • Evaluate the tenant’s financial situation and estimate the validity of the tenants’ request
  • Build the case for local rents and occupancy rates, basing our negotiation with the tenant on facts, rather than assumptions
  • Create a strategy, that would allow the landlord to keep their income and property value position, while helping the tenant, if their challenging financial situation is found to be accurate
  • Conduct negotiations till a mutual agreement is reached
  • Prepare the necessary legal documents to reflect the agreed upon terms
  • Deliver the documents to both interested parties for signature.
We understand the delicate nature of negotiations and strive for the balance between satisfying landlord's interests and enlisting tenant's cooperation.